Online Scheduling

Welcome to Online Booking with Hap's Air Service

Below are a few explanations to help you navigate and explain how things work. We hope you will utilize this time-saving option for your scheduling but if you don’t choose to use our online option, we are still available by phone or in person to make appointments for you.

Any feedback you have as you use the site would be appreciated.

Please Note
  •  Appointments online can be made 24hrs ahead of the scheduled time. This allows us to review the appointments and make sure there aren’t any conflicts and that the renter is up-to-date with their BFR and check out status. If you want to rent a plane on the spur of the moment, don’t worry, give us a call and we’ll make the appointment for you.
  • The default time on each rental is 1 ½ hours, however, you may still rent aircraft for overnight and extended trips through the cart option or give us a call and we’ll extend the rental for you. If you’re taking a plane overnight please utilize the ‘Notes’ section to explain where you’re going, what airports you’ll be using, etc... so we can approve your rental quickly.
Using The System
  1.  Under the category tab, please select Aircraft Rental to choose which aircraft you would like to use.
  2.  Instruction: When you are scheduling for a lesson with an instructor, choose which instructor you’ll be using.
  3. Aircraft Rental only: Under the Instructor tab, choose NONE. This is the same process for students flying solo. Students must still be approved by an instructor for solo flight.
  4.  Choose the day and time you want to fly. And then hit the NEXT tab at the bottom of the page. A calendar will appear with the time slots you specified. The system will only show available time slots. If the time you want isn’t shown, try choosing a different plane. When choosing a time period, you’ll notice that the slots are automatically set for 1 ½ hours. If you wish to fly longer, use the cart option to choose an additional time or you can call us to do it for you. You may also use this option to make several appointments at one time.
  5.  Once you have selected a time, you will be prompted to enter your name, phone number and email address. Once you’ve entered your information into the system, the next time you use the site your information should automatically appear. You may also include any notes for staff. Hit the NEXT tab to complete the appointment.
  6.  Once you have made the appointment and staff has had a chance to verify that everything is correct, you will be notified via email that the appointment has been approved. You will also be sent a reminder appointment. If your appointment needs to be changed or cancelled, you will need to call or email us at with your change. If we need to change/cancel the appointment, we will notify you by phone or email.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone at 515-232-4310 or by email at or

Schedule An Appointment

Please fill out the form below to schedule an aircraft. We will confirm your booking once we receive your booking request.


**Please note that instructors may have limited availability**
Glen Dodd is typically available Mon-Sat from 8am-6:30pm.
Dale Willet is typically available Mon-Fri after 4pm and all day Sunday.

If you are experiencing any issues with our online booking software, please call us at 515-232-4310 to schedule your appointment